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Teaching & Coaching

Teaching Philosophy

As a dance teacher, I want to make the studio a positive place for everyone to learn and find creative expression. I want all my students to leave my class feeling as though they are improving in dance and learning about dance but at the same time learning how to find confidence in themselves, as well as find a love for dance as an art form rather than only focusing on technique.

The most important thing I want my dancers to learn from me is the importance of strength and fitness for the sake of the safety of the body and dance execution rather than having the “ideal body type”. I want the concept of an ideal body type in dance to be irrelevant in my line of teaching. This is so important to me because 2 dancers can exercise the exact same, follow the same meal plan, and still look different. Each dancer should have a body that physically supports them as an individual, every dancer's body is different which allows for individuality. The individuality of a dancer is important when trying to instill creative expression.

Next, I want to teach my dancers the importance of positivity in dance because the energy in a room is vital to how a class proceeds. All dancers should be supportive of one another because at the end of the day, we all have to same passion and should be able to share it. 

Lastly, I want to dedicate myself to applying a teaching method for every student in the class. If a student struggles with learning verbally while another student struggles to learn visually I will be sure to demonstrate and be descriptive verbally simultaneously. I never want a student to feel disregarded because they do not learn like everyone else, I want any class I teach to be a positive experience and not cause stress.

Overall, as a teacher I want to instill confidence and grace in my students meanwhile allowing my students to feel safe to express themselves and experiment without judgment. I also want them to leave my class knowledgeable and passionate about this art form.

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